We closed the distance.

I never would have thought in a million years that I would meet my best friend and the love of my life through a roleplaying forum. It’s kind of crazy that roughly three years ago I met Jay on a website and now she’s moved in with me.

We’re starting the third year of our relationship, the fourth of our friendship, as a live-in couple together in New Jersey. I’m head over heels for this girl, really. She’s the best other half I could’ve ever asked for. And I really think it’s true - when you stop looking, love happens.

I have that TimeHop app on my phone - it shows you social media things you posted on this day in history. It’s really cool to see what you’ve posted and shared over the years. But the coolest thing is that yesterday, three years ago, I was posting about opening myself up to meeting new people. And looking back now, I definitely accomplished that.

This tumblr was opened when we first became a couple, and you’ve all followed our journey to this point. We’re so insanely appreciative of all of you, and the LDR community, I can’t even begin to properly tell you. And just because we’ve closed our distance, doesn’t mean that we aren’t still here for anyone who is.

Our long distance relationship is a huge part of our story and who we are as people and a couple. We have every intention of including themes of it into our eventual wedding.

It’s October 18th, 2013, and it’s the start of a new chapter in our lives. Stick around and watch us try to be adults. It’ll be fun.

I love you guys, really. Please send us messages and share your stories!



Waiting to see/meet your lover.

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The Panda & The Giraffe

hey there! i’m amanda, better known as the panda on me and my girlfriend’s shared tumblr: thepandathegiraffe. her name is jessica.

we met online about 3 years ago on a forum she was running and became fast friends. we IMed, texted, skyped and messaged on Facebook. i didn’t realize there was such an age gap between us at first because we had so much in common. like down to home life, likes/dislikes, etc. it was crazy. (just so you know, i’m currently 24 and she’s 18 next month.)

anyway we spent that year hanging out and sharing everything really. she was a really great long distance friend.. like a pen pal, almost. in august of 2011 we started talking more regularly (like, daily). and in september, she went to pride with her friends in vegas and i went to a gay club in delaware with my friends. and i got drunk, ha, and made out with some girl and immediately told her about it. she made a comment like “i wish i couldn’t made out with someone here.” and i said “psh, i would’ve made out with you!” and she said “really?” and i said “of course!” haha and pretty much the rest is history. 

we spent the next month texting nonstop and spending hours each night on the phone talking about everything and anything at all. on skype on october 12, 2011, jess asked me to be her girlfriend. and that’s what we’ve been ever since. i met her for the first time in december 2011, and visited again in june and november. we’ve only spent about 3.5 weeks together in person, but this june we’ll be spending about 40 days solid together and couldn’t be more excited. she’s coming to stay at my apartment in new jersey!

we’re trying to make plans to move closer to one another soon, but we have a lot to get through before we can make it happen. keep your fingers crossed for us. :)

anyway, we keep our tumblr updated with stuff about us - we also answer questions and share other peoples’ stories.. so we encourage you to come tell your story to us!

also!! this summer we’re going to be in new york city for pride 2013 and would love to meet some of our tumblr friends!! drop us an ask or shoot us an e-mail for more information.

thanks for reading! xoxo the panda

Jessica and I are a long distance lesbian couple who are 2,491 miles apart. Jess is a 17 year old art student who graduates this summer and is going to college next fall and I (Amanda) am a 24 year old project manager who’s still trying to decide what she wants to be when she grows up. She’s in Nevada and I’m in New Jersey and we met about three years ago on a forum. Jess asked me to be her girlfriend on October 12th, 2011 and I met her for the first time on December 27th, 2011. We’ve been together ever since. We’ve only spent about 3.5 weeks together in person in our entire relationship, but we’re as strong if not stronger than any regular couple.

Our next visit is pretty far out - June 2013. We’re spending the time getting work/school stuff done and making new friends in the LDR community here on tumblr. We love meeting new people and sharing experiences. We’d love to hear from all of you!


Come visit us and introduce yourselves and/or submit your photos and stories!

Also~ I’m planning a surprise for Jess for Valentine’s Day that I will reveal to her via tumblr. She doesn’t even know that I’m posting this now. Come visit and watch the surprise and reaction unfold! ;D

Much love,

Amanda and Jessica

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Everything love and inspiring here. Your # 1 source.

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