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Hey guys,

I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions to what you think would make this blog better? This blog is for you guys so I would like to know what it is that you guys are looking for in a LDR blog, please give us some ideas! THANKS!


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just made this cause I’m really hating the distance :(


Like this if you miss your significant other!

I know I do :/


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Last night…

…I saw my boyfriend<3 And it was absolutely amazing. I’m not too sure of when I will be seeing him again, but I really hope it’s soon. :/

It was also the first night that we actually spent together!! :) It was such a wonderful feeling falling asleep in his arms and waking up to his kiss on my forehead and him saying “good morning beautiful, i love you” I just really cannot begin to explain the happiness that was flowing through my body.

I hope you guys get to experience this feeling soon. I hope you’re all staying strong and never losing hope because that’s so important in a long distance relationship.

I love you all,


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A quenching drink

A Beautiful Poem Submission by: shaykhness

It was a journey worth it,

She was there, staring at me. Eyes wandering but heart focused.

At me, she gazed, loved overcame her and she took me hard - hard enough that no man can ever pull away. 

Even if it was the strongest man. 

I am not strong as I come out to be with others. 

I was so weak that one evening. It was sometime after sunset at the beach. Thought of her passing away came to me, because no one knows their appointed time in this world when it can come.

The lights of the tall buildings lit the sea with colours of emotion and joy. 

My tears and emotional eyes became a residence of water swimming itself at. She didn’t realize until my voice became teary.

[She was sitting on the beach and I stood leaning on the bench behind].

She said thrice or so some words to comfort me. I couldn’t submit to those. 

She stood up, came beside me. I didn’t turn towards her. My face did for a few seconds. I looked away. She turned me by putting her hands on my shoulder [felt amazing by the way]. Turned me and hugged me so tight. I felt so comforted and satisfied by her hug.

I forgot where, what, when. I forgot all else, except me and our God.

It was so tight, I couldn’t pull away. Some minutes later, we danced in a dark circle park thing. No one could see. 

Holding her in my arms was such a feeling. It was beyond this materialistic world.

- I’d really like to continue but I have to write another poem and stuff for her…

did u like it?

Im in Canada and she’s elsewhere..more than 15 hrs away from flight….LDR :/

Yes, I loved it, I actually felt I was there with you, so realistic.


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ahha WELL

I met my boyfriend on an online game. Weird I know. We met last year on May at a theme park. He was so shy but now i see he has changed. He has become a better man and I love him. Our road has been really bumpy and stuff but he always is there to visit meon holidays and summer. 051410<3 yay~ still strong.

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Xbox Live Couple

I met me boyfriend on xbox live back in January this year. Most people disagree with my relationship but I couldn’t really care less. I am in love and no one can change that. I trust him with all my heart. We started dating the first time we ever met which was in April and have seen each other twice since then. It’s difficult but its worth it. This December will be 8 months. Well spent (:

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Your LDR stories!

I woke up to a call this morning, which usually means I’m late for something, but today it was my bf’s mom. She called with his basic training address, so I can finally send him all the letters I’ve been writing. This is the only way we will be able to communicate until February when he graduates. I am so excited. On my way to the post office now. I only hope he receives everything i send, as military mail tends to get sidetracked… <3

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I actually had a normal, and very interesting on Omegle. One that didn't involve "SWAG" or "FUCK ME"
You: hey
Stranger: hey
Stranger: guess what?
You: what?1
You: !*
Stranger: seriously, I met my bf on here, no joke.
Stranger: we're moving in together
You: did you really? that's fucking awesome.
Stranger: ya
You: were you both coincidentally from the same area?
You: or was it long distance?
Stranger: lol, nope hes from missouri and im from canada, and were moving in together
Stranger: hes moving here
Stranger: kinda crazy but ya
You: that's amazing, i live in north carolina and my boyfriend lives in new york. i'm here for college so i know how the whole long distance thing works
You: i obviously dont have as much experience as you
You: but i hope to one day have the same situation as you
Stranger: ya its a little tricky but as long as you guys are basically best friends and communicate thats all it takes, as cliche as it is lol
Stranger: anywho, Im gonna go talk to him on skype, all the lucky with your bf! :)

This actually made me cry :/


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